Welcome to Amazing-Cosmetics and Amazing Reps - Avon Cosmetics by Marc.


My Name is Marc, I have been an Independent Avon representative & Sales Leader since September 2017. I wouldn't do anything else.

I am (at the time of writing July 2020) 28 years old. Why would I not do anything else? Avon works for me, I am currently at senior co-ordinator. Within my network I have 41 representatives.


I currently serve over 100 customers. I cover From Tattershall to Hundleby, this includes; Haltham, Mareham-le-fen, Tattershall Thorpe, Revesby, East Kirkby, West Keal, Old Bollingbroke & Coningsby. Live in these areas and want a brochure? Request here

So why do I love Avon?

1) I work when I want around current commitments, having a labrador, a cat, 2 guinea pigs & tortoise as well as caring for my partner, means any hospital appointments, vet appointments I haven't got to take a holiday from an employed job. Afterall I am my own boss.

2) I earn from the very first lipstick or body wash I sell. I earn from £1.

3) I work it my way, my business my rules and you could too, join me today.

4) Until October I Earn 20% on my first £1!

5) I get to talk to people, and, I love talking. So this is perfect.